Financial Services for Small Businesses and Corporates finance services

We focus on financial services for small businesses and Corporate finance services. Corporate finance is the division of finance that deals with how corporations address funding sources, capital structuring, and investment decisions

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About Our Financial Services

Who We Are

What We Do?

We focus on financial services for small businesses and Corporate finance services.

Our Mission

To be the leading financial solution provider in a fast-paced environment.

Our Vision

To meet your business needs at the point of need for sustained business growth

How It Works

Financial Services Work Process

Identification of a Financial Service

This entails the client giving the specific financial service we should assist in providing a solution.


This is done by our team of experts to have all the resources required to undertake the process.

Implementation and Results

Our team undertakes the service and delivers in due time and with quality output.

Why Choose Our Financial Services

Your Goal is Our Achievement

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What We Do

Our Financial Services

Financial Advisory & Risk Management Services

We offer Investment advisory services, Hedge fund management and Collective investment fund. Additionally, we offer Private equity fund, Venture capital, Financial advice and Custody services.

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Corporate Finance

We focus on optimizing share holder value through short and long term financial planning and strategy implementation. Our team of experts handle financial services ranging from capital structuring, funding, and investment decisions to maximize profit.

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Financial Modeling & Forecasting

Our company analyzes a company's history resulting to the financial performance being projected and budgeted. Business decisions are made using the model to enhance companies performance.

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Personal Finance & Consulting

We offer advice at an individual level in areas of personal investment, Individual tax planning and Individual book keeping.

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Investment & Wealth Management

We as a company relieve or clients the trouble of make wrong investments by identifying investment opportunities for example shares, stocks or other areas that are viable for maximum profitable ability and les risk. We recommend, design and monitor short-term and long-term investment strategies for your company.

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Tax Consulting

We offer taxation financial services for corporates, start-up, small and medium businesses and individual businesses. This involves conducting cost and benchmarking analyses.

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Accounting & book keeping

Our team of specialized accountants undertake various duties including: setting up Chart of Accounts as per your business requirements, setting up a new company on QuickBooks online or QuickBooks desktop, chart of accounts in QuickBooks online/Desktop as per GAAP and IFRS, financial statements profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow, invoices & billing, bank reconciliation, account receivables, account payables, advance financial reporting, and preparation of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports.

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Finance, Project Management and Audit

We engage in financial planning (e.g., acquisitions, mergers and loans), preparing budget reports, potential acquisitions and strategic decisions in alignment with business objectives and legislation and also participate in regular audits and recommend corrective financial action plans.

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Analysis, Valuation and Optimization

We are specialists in analysing and offering advice for all of your financial issues including analysing financial data to identify our company’s financial status, undertaking financial analysis and developing financial models for financial advice.

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Business plans

We are specialists in designing in detail a company’s objectives and goals and explaining strategies set to get to those goals. We create business plans that assure investors of the company’s prosperity and give them confidence hence assurance of financing or closing business deals. We also do Pitch decks, business proposal, grants as well ass market and product research.

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Investment banking services are available

We offer services of underwriting of debt and equity for corporates and public sector organizations seeking to raise funds, Mergers and acquisitions advisors and underwriting services. We also offer structured finance for high-net-worth people. We also offer restructuring services, investment management, research on securities, brokerage services, prime Brokerage and Private banking

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We offer Insurance brokerage services, personal lines insurance underwriting, Finance and insurance services. Our F&I department is in charge of funding and covering the asset that the dealer sells. We also do reinsurance that safeguards our clients from significant losses.

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Foreign Exchange Services

We professionals of foreign exchange brokerage provide FX (foreign exchange) services all around the world. We also offer exchange of currency to our clients who can buy and sell foreign currency banknotes. Additionally, we offer wire transfer where our clients can send money to international banks via wire transfer. We also offer remittance services by helping migrant workers transfer money back to their native country via remittance.

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Financial Export

We offer financial services to foreign corporations or persons domestically

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